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Hey there,

Welcome to Arrow + Root. We are so glad you are here! We believe that your story matters. Creating your adoption profile is one of the most important aspects of your adoption journey. It is the first, and usually, only opportunity for you to share your story with an expectant family or agency. We know this step can be intimidating. That's why we are here to empower you and fill you with confidence so that you leave your time with us proud of the book that represents your family in the most authentic way possible. We know that standing out and making a great (and lasting) FIRST impression means everything!

I can't wait to get to know you! Mallory, owner

Our Mission

We aim to serve hopeful adoptive parents, educating them through the process, while creating a profile book that will transparently and accurately reflect who they are as a family to any expectant mom they present to.


Our Heartbeat

Sharing your heart, hopes, and dreams with a expectant family is important. This is the critical moment they learn who you are! Choosing your pictures, words, and design are vital in making a lasting impression that stands out. 

Having a professionally designed profile book that is expectant parent focused and ethical, will help you stand out and bring you comfort in knowing your book communicates who you are as a family in the best way possible.  





For transparency and clarity, here are a few of our core values:

  • We believe that God made each person in His image and that each person has inherent value.

  • We believe in ethical adoptions and will always fight for better education and resources for the whole triad.

  • We never stand for racism in any form and advocate for all voices.

  • We hold true to our integrity and consistency through our approach.

Meet Mallory, Founder


Hi! I'm Mallory. I am a Georgia Peach, Chick-fil-A loving southern girl who lives at the foothills of the North Georgia Mountains. 

Most days you can find me outside with my son, Grey, adventuring around our property. If I'm not with him, which is a rare occasion, you can find me cuddled up on the couch with a blanket and my hubby watching one of our favorite shows.

I am mostly known for my lax attire of yoga pants and long sleeve tees, my desire to be with my large family, (there are 15 of us) and my work ethic....which somedays gets me in trouble with the hubby as I have a hard time turning it off! :) 


I love serving people by using my experience in Graphic Design, Branding and Marketing from my previous work at a Pregnancy Medical Clinic/ Non-Profit world and utilizing those skills in creating beautiful, modern profile books for families in the midst of the adoption journey. That is one of the many reasons I am so passionate about having a pretty profile book that tells these amazing expectant parents your family's story. 


The things I am most passionate about are my 5 adopted siblings that each rock an extra chromosome (Down syndrome), my marriage with my wanna be country husband, Josh, our son Grey, and last but NOT least-shouting from the rooftop the goodness of Jesus! 

I hope we have an opportunity to chat soon! 


Adoption Profile Tempates
Template Package : $115
We have designed 5 profile book templates that represents a few styles that are most liked by many of our clients. Our books are modern, beautiful, and offer a personal feel that differs from the typical photo profile. Because we are expectant family focused, you will stand out in a way that shows an expectant parent you took the extra time to pay attention to the small details. Let us help you share your STORY!

We want your book to be as unique as you are, so each template design in totally customizable by the client with colors, fonts, photos, wording, adding graphics, or taking them away, and so on! Lastly, we include a "how to" video and ebook that makes the template completion easy for the client to complete with the in's and out's of your profile book creation. We HOLD YOUR HAND! We don't write the content for you as we feel like the best and most IMPORTANT thing you can do is share your heart vulnerably and authentically. 
  • We have 5 profile book options.
  • Each option comes with 1 ebook, 1 how to video, 1 profile book template.
  • Referral to a printing shop so you can print your books in a professional way!
  • We do not offer refunds!


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